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Karelian Runes

Karelian runes are folklore works of runic ("Kalevala") metrics, passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. Runic poetry is a vast area of ​​Karelian folklore, which is divided into different genres: epic, lyrical, incantatory, wedding, cumulative and others.

Karelian runes contain information about the religious and mythological ideas, way of life and ritual practice of the Karelians. They existed throughout the territory of the settlement of the ethnic group. Variants of Karelian runes, recorded mainly in the 1st half of the 19th century, formed the basis of the world-famous poem "Kalevala" by E. Lönnrot, thanks to which the runic talent of the Karelian people is generally recognized today.

This collection contains previously published versions of Karelian runes of various genres.

Total number of texts: 99

Epic runes (34)

Ballad runes (15)

Сumulative runes (2)

Spell runes (47)

Fishery (3)

Household (5)

Healing (38)

Love (0)

Others (1)

Lyric runes (1)

Wedding runes (0)

Index of plots and thematics of Karelian runes