LowResourceEval-2019: a shared task on morphological analysis for low-resource languages
Klyachko E.L., Sorokin A.A., Krizhanovskaya N.B., Krizhanovsky A.A., Ryazanskaya G.M. Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies: papers from the Annual conference “Dialogue” (Moscow, May 29— June 1, 2019) Issue 18 (25). 2019

Semi-automatic methods for adding words to the dictionary of VepKar corpus based on inflectional rules extracted from Wiktionary
N.B. Krizhanovskaya, A.A. Krizhanovsky. Proceedings of the international conference "Corpus linguistics ‒ 2019". Saint Petersburg. 2019. Pp. 211-217

Part of speech and gramset tagging algorithms for unknown words based on morphological dictionaries of the Veps and Karelian languages
Krizhanovsky A., Krizhanovskaya N., Novak I. Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains, 13-16 October 2020, Voronezh State University. 2020.

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