Statistics by dictionary
Lemmas29 157
Vepsian7 714
Karelian Proper2 976
Livvi17 678
Wordforms445 857
Vepsian313 127
Karelian Proper127 934
Livvi63 847
Meanings of words34 160
Semantic relationships (synonyms, etc.)280
Statistics by words in the text
Total words in the texts900 970
Vepsian468 532
Karelian Proper224 748
Livvi177 450
Ludian30 240
The number of marked words in the texts, i.e. automatically linked to any lemma in the dictionary499 518
Vepsian340 238
Karelian Proper106 500
Livvi41 723
Ludian11 057
The ratio of marked words to the total number of words55,4 %
Vepsian72,6 %
Karelian Proper47,4 %
Livvi23,5 %
Ludian36,6 %
The number of words in the text (green color), anchored by experts to any meaning of the word in the dictionary6 111
The ratio of verified words to the total number of marked words1,22 %
Statistics by examples (words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)
The total number of examples (the number of words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)1 962 612
Number of verified examples15 273
Ratio of verified examples to total number of examples0,78 %
Statistics by corpuses
Texts2 390
Stats by Editors
Registered users34
Active editors (Participants who have activity in the last 30 days)7