Statistics by dictionary
Lemmas21 759
Wordforms111 353
Meanings of words24 680
Semantic relationships (synonyms, etc.)250
Statistics by words in the text
Total words in the texts618 120
stats.total_marked_words370 000
The ratio of marked words to the total number of words (in%)59,9 %
Vepsian71,4 %
Karelian Proper17,1 %
Livvi51,7 %
Ludian38,5 %
The number of words in the text (green color), anchored by experts to any meaning of the word in the dictionary4 815
The ratio of verified words to the total number of marked words (in%)1,30 %
Statistics by examples (words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)
The total number of examples (the number of words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)690 727
Number of verified examples9 940
Ratio of verified examples to total number of examples (in %)1,44 %
Statistics by corpuses
Texts1 886
Stats by Editors
Registered users24
Active editors (Participants who have activity in the last 30 days)5