Statistics by dictionary
Lemmas24 696
Vepsian4 764
Karelian Proper1 706
Livvi17 678
Wordforms227 522
Vepsian115 377
Karelian Proper71 886
Livvi63 847
Meanings of words28 603
Semantic relationships (synonyms, etc.)274
Statistics by words in the text
Total words in the texts800 863
Vepsian437 731
Karelian Proper190 252
Livvi145 193
Ludian27 687
The number of marked words in the texts, i.e. automatically linked to any lemma in the dictionary397 159
Vepsian320 745
Karelian Proper25 255
Livvi41 013
Ludian10 146
The ratio of marked words to the total number of words49,6 %
Vepsian73,3 %
Karelian Proper13,3 %
Livvi28,2 %
Ludian36,6 %
The number of words in the text (green color), anchored by experts to any meaning of the word in the dictionary5 507
The ratio of verified words to the total number of marked words1,39 %
Statistics by examples (words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)
The total number of examples (the number of words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)875 293
Number of verified examples10 990
Ratio of verified examples to total number of examples1,26 %
Statistics by corpuses
Texts2 244
Stats by Editors
Registered users28
Active editors (Participants who have activity in the last 30 days)6