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902 records was founded.

No language Dialect Corpus Title Translation
731 Veps Central Western Veps
Dialectal texts Primetad Приметы
732 Livvi Tulmozero
Dialectal texts Primietät Приметы
733 Livvi Syamozero
Dialectal texts Primietät Приметы
734 Karelian Proper Kestenga
Dialectal texts Pruasn’iekat
735 Karelian Proper Uhta
Dialectal texts Pruasn’iekoista
736 Livvi Nekkula
Dialectal texts Pualenüän itkuvirzi Плач по матери в полночь
737 Veps Central Eastern Veps
Dialectal texts Puheg prizoraspäi Заговор от призора
738 Karelian Proper Vesyegonsk
Dialectal texts Puiččima briwžoilla
739 Veps Central Western Veps
Dialectal texts Püuvhan kazvatadihe
740 Livvi Kotkozero
Dialectal texts Puwtui nähtä ennistü tuttavua Встреча со старым знакомым