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language: Vepsian

part of speech: Verb

1 meaning

  • Russian: хрюкать
  • English: to oink, to grunt (like a pig)


No grammatical attributes New written Veps
Indicative, Presence, Positive
1. 1st, sg röhkin
2. 2nd, sg röhkid
3. 3rd, sg röhkib
4. 1st, pl röhkim
5. 2nd, pl röhkit
6. 3rd, pl röhkiba, röhktas
7. sg, conneg. röhki
8. pl, conneg. röhkkoi
Indicative, Presence, Negative
9. 1st, sg en röhki
10. 2nd, sg ed röhki
11. 3rd, sg ei röhki
12. 1st, pl em röhkkoi
13. 2nd, pl et röhkkoi
14. 3rd, pl ei röhkkoi
Indicative, Imperfect, Positive
15. 1st, sg röhkin
16. 2nd, sg röhkid
17. 3rd, sg röhki
18. 1st, pl röhkim
19. 2nd, pl röhkit
20. 3rd, pl röhkiba
21. sg, conneg. röhkind
22. pl, conneg. röhknugoi
Indicative, Imperfect, Negative
23. 1st, sg en röhkind
24. 2nd, sg ed röhkind
25. 3rd, sg ei röhkind
26. 1st, pl em röhknugoi
27. 2nd, pl et röhknugoi
28. 3rd, pl ei röhknugoi
Imperative, Positive
29. 2nd, sg röhki
30. 1st, pl röhkkam
31. 2nd, pl röhkkat
32. sg, conneg. röhki
33. pl, conneg. röhkkoi
Imperative, Negative
34. 2nd, sg ala röhki
35. 3rd, sg algha röhki
36. 2nd, pl algat röhkkoi
37. 3rd, pl algha röhkkoi
Conditional, Presence, Positive
38. 1st, sg röhkižin
39. 2nd, sg röhkižid
40. 3rd, sg röhkiži
41. 1st, pl röhkižim
42. 2nd, pl röhkižit
43. 3rd, pl röhkižiba
44. sg, conneg. röhkiži
Conditional, Imperfect, Positive
45. 1st, sg röhknuižin
46. 2nd, sg röhknuižid
47. 3rd, sg röhknuiži
48. 1st, pl röhknuižim
49. 2nd, pl röhknuižit
50. 3rd, pl röhknuižiba
51. sg, conneg. röhknuiži
Conditional, Imperfect, Negative
52. 1st, sg en röhknuiži
53. 2nd, sg ed röhknuiži
54. 3rd, sg ei röhknuiži
55. 1st, pl em röhknuižigoi
56. 2nd, pl et röhknuižigoi
57. 3rd, pl ei röhknuižigoi
Infinite forms
58. infinitive I röhkta
59. infinitive II, ines röhktes
60. infinitive II, instructive röhkten
61. infinitive III, ades röhkmal
62. infinitive III, ill röhkmaha
63. infinitive III, ines röhkmas
64. infinitive III, elat röhkmaspäi
65. infinitive III, abes röhkmat
66. active, 1st participle röhkii
67. active, 2nd participle röhknu
68. passive, 2nd participle röhktud