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language: English


part of speech: Noun

omonyms: help (Verb)

1 meaning

  • English: action given to provide assistance; aid
  • Russian: помощь, содействие


Russian: помощь (1) ru: содействование кому-либо или чему-либо; действия или средства, облегчающие, упрощающие что-либо)

Vepsian: abu (1) vep: ühtnemine kenenke-se ühthe töhö, ru: одолжение, помощь, содействие, услуга, en: help, assistance, aid)

Livvi: abu (ru: помощь)

Karelian Proper: apu (ru: помощь, en: help)

2 meaning

  • English: something or someone which provides assistance with a task

3 meaning

  • English: documentation provided with computer software, etc. and accessed using the computer
  • Russian: документация

4 meaning

  • English: one or more people employed to help in the maintenance of a house or the operation of a farm or enterprise
  • Russian: помощник

5 meaning

  • English: correction of deficits, as by psychological counseling or medication or social support or remedial training