Statistics by corpuses

Texts3 029
Statistics by words in the text
Total words in the texts1 090 776
Veps510 222
Karelian Proper295 964
Livvi205 554
Ludian79 036
The number of marked words in the texts, i.e. automatically linked to any lemma in the dictionary795 081
Veps428 079
Karelian Proper165 911
Livvi163 870
Ludian37 221
The ratio of marked words to the total number of words72,9 %
Veps83,9 %
Karelian Proper56,1 %
Livvi79,7 %
Ludian47,1 %
The number of words in the text (green color), anchored by experts to any meaning of the word in the dictionary5 464
The ratio of verified words to the total number of marked words0,69 %
Statistics by examples (words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)
The total number of examples (the number of words in sentences automatically tied to a lemma)2 173 295
Number of verified examples15 582
Ratio of verified examples to total number of examples0,72 %

Test distribution by genres