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3044 records were founded.

No language Dialect Corpus Genre Title Translation
3031 Ludian New written Ludian
New-writing language Yličiš piä...
3032 Livvi New written Livvic
Literary texts Yöniekku
3033 Karelian Proper New written karelian
New-writing language Ystävyštuntija koululaisilla
3034 Veps Dialectal texts ŽABA жаба
3035 Veps Biblical texts Zaharian kitändpajo Zaharian kitändpajo
3036 Karelian Proper Dyorzha
Dialectal texts Žiivattua l’eikatah šugüžül’l’ä
3037 Veps Pholklor Small genres (Proverb, saying) ŽIVATAD. Vepsläižed muštatišed ЖИВОТНЫЙ МИР. Вепсские пословицы и поговорки
3038 Veps New written Veps
New-writing language Children's folklore Znamasine pühä aig
3039 Livvi New written Livvic
New-writing language Zor’at täs ollah hil’l’azet
3040 Ludian Southern Ludian (Svjatozero)
Dialectal texts Narrative Zubarin Afanas’ain pereh Семья Афанасия Зубарин