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2885 records was founded.

No language Dialect Corpus Title Translation
2611 Veps New written Veps
New-writing language Ühtes radam ičemoi rahvahiden hüvüdeks
2612 Veps New written Veps
New-writing language Ühtes voib tehta äjan!
2613 Karelian Proper New written karelian
New-writing language Uhtuon istorijan tuttuja ta tuntomattomie šivuja
2614 Karelian Proper Vychetaibola
Dialectal texts Uitošša
2615 Veps Southern Veps
Dialectal texts Uk da mamš keitiba olut Старик и старуха наварили пива
2616 Veps Dialectal texts UK. AK. Vepsläižed muštatišed МУЖ. ЖЕНА. Вепсские пословицы и поговорки
2617 Karelian Proper New written Tver
New-writing language Ukko da akka
2618 Ludian Southern Ludian (Svjatozero)
Dialectal texts Ukko kävüi rozvetkah Муж приходил в разведку
2619 Veps Central Western Veps
Tales Ukoine da razbainikad Старичок и разбойники
2620 Veps Central Western Veps
Dialectal texts Ukoine ongiti, ongiti i sai ahnuden Старик удил, удил и поймал окушка