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No language Dialect Corpus Title Translation
2211 Karelian Proper Tikhvin
Dialectal texts Regie mahamma luadʼie
2212 Karelian Proper New written karelian
New-writing language Repol’a. Elämyä ta ihmisie kahella puolella rajua
2213 Livvi New written Livvic
New-writing language Reunukruuživo silminnägyvis
2214 Karelian Proper Vesyegonsk
Dialectal texts Ri̮adoma pelvašta
2215 Karelian Proper Kestenga
Dialectal texts Riähistä
2216 Veps New written Veps
New-writing language Riddu Riđđu - festival’ udes kerazi igähižid rahvahid
2217 Karelian Proper Tikhvin
Dialectal texts Riihel’l’ä ahetaa
2218 Karelian Proper Dyorzha
Dialectal texts Riiheššä
2219 Ludian Northern Ludian (Kondopoga)
Dialectal texts Riihi
2220 Karelian Proper Tikhvin
Dialectal texts Riivinlaada