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2671 records was founded.

No language Dialect Corpus Title Translation
2661 Karelian Proper New written karelian
New-writing language Ystävyštuntija koululaisilla
2662 Vepsian Dialectal texts ŽABA жаба
2663 Vepsian Biblical texts (translated) Zaharian kitändpajo
2664 Karelian Proper Dyorzha
Dialectal texts Žiivattua l’eikatah šugüžül’l’ä
2665 Vepsian Dialectal texts ŽIVATAD. Vepsläižed muštatišed ЖИВОТНЫЙ МИР. Вепсские пословицы и поговорки
2666 Vepsian New written Veps
New-writing language Znamasine pühä aig
2667 Livvi New written Livvic
New-writing language Zor’at täs ollah hil’l’azet
2668 Ludian Southern Ludian (Svjatozero)
Dialectal texts Zubarin Afanas’ain pereh Семья Афанасия Зубарин
2669 Vepsian Central Western Veps
Tales Аk pagižiškanz Жена заговорила
2670 Karelian Proper New written karelian
New-writing language Кarjalan taikainstituutti