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language: Vepsian

part of speech: Verb

1 meaning

  • Russian: толкать; запихивать, вытолкать
  • English: to box in; to stuff; to push, to make one's way (through an obstruction)


No grammatical attributes New written Veps
Indicative, Presence, Positive
1. 1st, sg tungen
2. 2nd, sg tunged
3. 3rd, sg tungeb
4. 1st, pl tungem
5. 2nd, pl tunget
6. 3rd, pl tungeba, tunktas
7. sg, conneg. tunge
8. pl, conneg. tunkkoi
Indicative, Presence, Negative
9. 1st, sg en tunge
10. 2nd, sg ed tunge
11. 3rd, sg ei tunge
12. 1st, pl em tunkkoi
13. 2nd, pl et tunkkoi
14. 3rd, pl ei tunkkoi
Indicative, Imperfect, Positive
15. 1st, sg tungin
16. 2nd, sg tungid
17. 3rd, sg tungi
18. 1st, pl tungim
19. 2nd, pl tungit
20. 3rd, pl tungiba
21. sg, conneg. tungend
22. pl, conneg. tungnugoi
Indicative, Imperfect, Negative
23. 1st, sg en tungend
24. 2nd, sg ed tungend
25. 3rd, sg ei tungend
26. 1st, pl em tungnugoi
27. 2nd, pl et tungnugoi
28. 3rd, pl ei tungnugoi
Imperative, Positive
29. 2nd, sg tunge
30. 1st, pl tunkkam
31. 2nd, pl tunkkat
32. sg, conneg. tunge
33. pl, conneg. tunkkoi
Imperative, Negative
34. 2nd, sg ala tunge
35. 3rd, sg algha tunge
36. 2nd, pl algat tunkkoi
37. 3rd, pl algha tunkkoi
Conditional, Presence, Positive
38. 1st, sg tungižin
39. 2nd, sg tungižid
40. 3rd, sg tungiži
41. 1st, pl tungižim
42. 2nd, pl tungižit
43. 3rd, pl tungižiba
44. sg, conneg. tungiži
Conditional, Imperfect, Positive
45. 1st, sg tungnuižin
46. 2nd, sg tungnuižid
47. 3rd, sg tungnuiži
48. 1st, pl tungnuižim
49. 2nd, pl tungnuižit
50. 3rd, pl tungnuižiba
51. sg, conneg. tungnuiži
Conditional, Imperfect, Negative
52. 1st, sg en tungnuiži
53. 2nd, sg ed tungnuiži
54. 3rd, sg ei tungnuiži
55. 1st, pl em tungnuižigoi
56. 2nd, pl et tungnuižigoi
57. 3rd, pl ei tungnuižigoi
Infinite forms
58. infinitive I tunkta
59. infinitive II, ines tunktes
60. infinitive II, instructive tunkten
61. infinitive III, ades tungmal
62. infinitive III, ill tungmaha
63. infinitive III, ines tungmas
64. infinitive III, elat tungmaspäi
65. infinitive III, abes tungmat
66. active, 1st participle tungi
67. active, 2nd participle tungnu
68. passive, 2nd participle tunktud