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2882 records was founded.

No language Dialect Corpus Title Translation
2281 Veps New written Veps
New-writing language Sän endustusen jügedusid
2282 Veps Biblical texts (translated) Sana tegihe meheks
2283 Veps Central Western Veps
Dialectal texts Sanad i virkehed vepsän kelel. Starin kanzan polhe. Слова и фразы на вепсском языке. Рассказ о семье
2284 Veps Biblical texts (translated) Sanan oiged kundlemine Sanan oiged kundlemine
2285 Livvi Tulmozero
Dialectal texts Sananparret Пословицы и поговорки
2286 Livvi Kotkozero
Dialectal texts Sananpolvet, privutkat Пословицы, поговорки, иносказания
2287 Karelian Proper Vesyegonsk
Dialectal texts Šanel’i miwla mi̮amo... Мне мать рассказывала...
2288 Karelian Proper New written karelian
New-writing language Šanelun enšimmäisie tulokšie
2289 Karelian Proper Uhta
Dialectal texts Šanon kot’iašteista
2290 Karelian Proper Uhta
Dialectal texts Šanon omašta talošta