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language: Vepsian

part of speech: Verb

1 meaning

  • Russian: дарить, подарить
  • English: to give as a present, to donate; to grant, to bestow


No grammatical attributes New written Veps
Indicative, Presence, Positive
1. 1st, sg lahjoičen
2. 2nd, sg lahjoičed
3. 3rd, sg lahjoičeb
4. 1st, pl lahjoičem
5. 2nd, pl lahjoičet
6. 3rd, pl lahjoitas, lahjoičeba
7. sg, conneg. lahjoiče
8. pl, conneg. lahjoikoi
Indicative, Imperfect, Positive
9. 1st, sg lahjoičin
10. 2nd, sg lahjoičid
11. 3rd, sg lahjoiči
12. 1st, pl lahjoičim
13. 2nd, pl lahjoičit
14. 3rd, pl lahjoičiba
15. sg, conneg. lahjoičend
16. pl, conneg. lahjoinugoi
Indicative, Imperfect, Negative
17. 1st, sg en lahjoičend
18. 2nd, sg ed lahjoičend
19. 3rd, sg ei lahjoičend
20. 1st, pl em lahjoinugoi
21. 2nd, pl et lahjoinugoi
22. 3rd, pl ei lahjoinugoi
Imperative, Positive
23. 2nd, sg lahjoiče
24. 1st, pl lahjoikam
25. 2nd, pl lahjoikat
26. sg, conneg. lahjoiče
27. pl, conneg. lahjoikoi
Imperative, Negative
28. 2nd, sg ala lahjoiče
29. 3rd, sg algha lahjoiče
30. 2nd, pl algat lahjoikoi
31. 3rd, pl algha lahjoikoi
Conditional, Presence, Positive
32. 1st, sg lahjoičižin
33. 2nd, sg lahjoičižid
34. 3rd, sg lahjoičiži
35. 1st, pl lahjoičižim
36. 2nd, pl lahjoičižit
37. 3rd, pl lahjoičižiba
38. sg, conneg. lahjoičiži
Conditional, Imperfect, Positive
39. 1st, sg lahjoinuižin
40. 2nd, sg lahjoinuižid
41. 3rd, sg lahjoinuiži
42. 1st, pl lahjoinuižim
43. 2nd, pl lahjoinuižit
44. 3rd, pl lahjoinuižiba
45. sg, conneg. lahjoinuiži
Conditional, Imperfect, Negative
46. 1st, sg en lahjoinuiži
47. 2nd, sg ed lahjoinuiži
48. 3rd, sg ei lahjoinuiži
49. 1st, pl em lahjoinuižigoi
50. 2nd, pl et lahjoinuižigoi
51. 3rd, pl ei lahjoinuižigoi
Infinite forms
52. active, 1st participle lahjoiči
53. active, 2nd participle lahjoičenu
54. passive, 2nd participle lahjoitud