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läht|e (-ken, -et, -kid)

language: Veps

part of speech: Noun

pronunciation: ĺähte (Central Western Veps, Northern Veps, Southern Veps)

phonetic variants: lähk’ (Central Eastern Veps)

1 meaning

concept: ice-hole, hole in the ice
  • Russian: прорубь
  • English: ice-hole


Livvi: avando; lähte; prolubo

Ludian: avando; lähte

Karelian Proper: avanto; avando; avand

dialects of usage: Central Western Veps, Northern Veps

2 meaning

concept: колодец
  • Russian: колодец


Livvi: kaivo

Ludian: kaivo; kaiv

Karelian Proper: kaivo

dialects of usage: Central Western Veps, Southern Veps

3 meaning

  • Russian: источник (книги т.д.)

4 meaning

  • Russian: родник

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