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ozai|ta (-dab, -ži, -kaha)

language: Veps

part of speech: Verb

phonetic variants: ozeita (Central Eastern Veps, Central Western Veps, Northern Veps); ozaata (Southern Veps)

1 meaning

concept: попадать в цель
  • Russian: попасть, попадать; угодить (куда-л.)
  • English: to hit (a target); to get to (some place or situation, unexpectedly) (no imperfective)


Livvi: puuttia; puuttua; puuttuo; ozata

Ludian: ozata; ozaitta; ozaita; ozaata; puuttuo; puuttuda

Karelian Proper: ošata; ožata; ozata; puuttua; tarkata

dialects of usage: Central Eastern Veps, Northern Veps

2 meaning

concept: отгадывать
  • Russian: предугадать


Livvi: arbata; arvata

Ludian: arvata; arbata; arvatta

Karelian Proper: arbialla; tiijuššella; arvata

dialects of usage: Northern Veps

3 meaning

  • Russian: угодить (кому-л.)

4 meaning

  • Russian: отгадывать, отгадать, угадать, разгадывать, угадывать
  • English: to guess (figure out the answer)

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