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language: Veps

part of speech: Verb

phonetic variants: ougotada (New written Veps, Northern Veps)

1 meaning

  • Russian: править, направлять
  • English: to direct, to aim, to point

2 meaning

  • Russian: выпрямлять, выпрямить, распрямлять
  • English: to straighten

3 meaning

concept: to send
  • Russian: выслать, отправлять, посылать, послать
  • English: to send, to dispatch

dialects of usage: Central Eastern Veps, Central Western Veps, Southern Veps

4 meaning

  • Russian: вытянуть, протягивать
  • English: to stretch

5 meaning

  • Russian: делегировать
  • English: to delegate

6 meaning

  • Russian: отбивать, отражать
  • English: to beat off (an attack; enemies), to repulse; to parry, to return (a ball)

7 meaning

  • Russian: распределять
  • English: to distribute, to apportion, to allocate (to divide and distribute portions of a whole)

8 meaning

  • Russian: тянуть, протягивать
  • English: to pull, to drag to lay (a cable)

wordforms (343)

oige|ta (-ndab, -nzi/-nzi-ki, -kaha)